From whispering garden to theatre

The green heart of Ons Buiten runs from the animal meadow to the green theatre.

The garden ensures that everyone feels comfortable, regardless of one’s age or mood. There is so much to do and explore: getting up close and personal with our animal colleagues, playing football on the play meadow, climbing and romping around on the hilly playground and in the dune valley, gliding along the zip line, building a hut next to the bridge, jumping on the large water cushion, making witches’ soup in the mud kitchen, or just relaxing on a grassy knoll or plateau. The whispering garden and the willow tunnels offer privacy if you want to hide away for a while or you can show off your performance skills in the green theatre The campfire site has lots of stories to tell as it is a place of singing and laughter during the school holidays. Alone or together; the garden is a natural environment where you can enjoy yourself to the max.

As of the 2020 season, we will have a water-mud play area as well.

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The greenhouse

In the greenhouse, our landscape management can cultivate and research plants, and it’s the starting point for the Green Fingers activities. The landscape team works on creating bokashi or is planting perennial plants that have not been tried here before. Jorn, Jos and Joël are experimenting to find out how we can keep the maintenance work to a minimum while increasing biodiversity. Guided by landscape architect Jos Willemsen, we are enormously inspired by the permaculture principles. Our dot on the horizon is to turn Ons Buiten into a foraging forest, where every spot is unique and the forest itself creates an environment where plants can absorb nutrients and minerals.

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Animal colleagues

Making dreams come true is something that is done best as a team. That is why we think of our chickens and miniature pigs Max & Ruby as our colleagues. The animals are deliberately moved around so that their manure temporarily disturbs, enriches and improves the soil. The bees of beekeeper Maggy that pollinate the plants contribute to biodiversity and a good harvest. While putting up the garden walls, we created lots of nooks and crannies between the reused tiles where solitary bees can nest.

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Garden terrace

This 2020 season will see the garden terrace at DE HUYSKAMER covered so you can sit here out of the rain at all times. On the terrace and the little square you can find hammocks and lounge sets where you’ll feel right at home. When you order a fresh mint tea, the leaves are picked straight from the garden. And if you come in the right season, you can use our special ‘edible plants’ map and taste something you’ve never tasted before, like the daylily flower or linden blossom and leaves.

The focus for the entire garden concept is based on your creativity and need. What do you feel like today?