Familiar Products with a twist

We want you to consider Ons Buiten as a comfortable home from home, and as home always has a living room, we have DE HUYSKAMER: a place to enjoy familiar products with a twist. Relax in one of our retro-look sofas after a brisk walk on the beach or unwind with a chai latte after a long day at work. And while you're here, we would love to introduce you to some of our favourite local products...

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Local Products

The first prawn crackers entirely sourced and produced in the Netherlands, made of only natural ingredients. This great initiative has been picked up by the company Wilthagen from Tholen, and they pull out all the stops to create the unique taste of prawn crackers but then Zeeland-style.

Kookboerderij Spennekot

We serve fresh products made by Kookboerderij Spennekot. Local fruit jams, plum and sherry sauce, and the honey-mustard sauce.

Fries from Zeeland

The potatoes for our fries are locally grown, processed fresh, and cut in a traditional way. From the field, straight to your plate. The HOFBURG ‘Zeeuwse’ fries are top-quality fries, you will taste the difference!

Super fresh: the mint we use for our cocktails and mint tea is home-grown in our garden.

Local Specialty Beer

Zeeland has its fair share of local breweries. Our beer collection includes beers brewed by Vermeersen from Hulst. We specifically selected the Zeeuwse Kriek, the Witte, the Dubbel, the Trippel, the Pils, and the best one of all: the Kapitein Rooijbosch IPA. Another local favourite on the list is a blond Oostkapelle beer.

Local bread

While you're here, be sure to try the artisanal bread from our local bakery, Bakkerij Vader in Oostkapelle. The French baguettes with rosemary are particularly delicious.

Sensible Coffee

SANTAS has a fair-trade & organic quality label and they deliver their coffee beans in a large tin that is strong enough to be reused via a deposit system. Zero waste! We serve their Melange No. 12, a dark espresso with herbal notes. The coffee is grown in Guatemala, Colombia, Brazil, Peru and India, but you can enjoy it in DE HUYSKAMER. 

Serve Yourself!

No pressure. DE HUYSKAMER uses a self-service system: take your time to think about what you crave to eat. In the afternoon, we serve a challenging array of snacks and goodies on a wooden platter.

You can already check out our menu and drinks menu. We also have an allergens menu at request.

You can already check out our menu and drinks. We also have a allergens menu at request for drinks and food.

Take It Away

Were you planning on going out for the day or evening? Everything on the menu can also be ordered ‘to go’.


The interior design of DE HUYSKAMER was inspired by an industrial, retro-look & feel: vintage model couches, rugged scaffolding wood, Persian rugs and a large, sunny terrace. Embrace the feeling of coming home even though you’re on holiday.


We only accept payments by debit card and pin or (temporarily) cash. Very practical.

Multipurpose area

DE HUYSKAMER also serves as the check-in and check-out desk, as a central point for information about the area, and it's where you will find the laundry machines.