Waste is only waste when nothing is done with it. Collection and separation of materials is an important start towards a sustainable world. The smart use of raw material flows saves a lot of energy and limits further disruption of nature.

In addition, creating a positive impact, for example by sowing, planting, and composting, is at least as effective and important!

ONS BUITEN is therefore not only committed to good recycling programs but also to the further development of collaborations that ensure that every piece of 'used good' here will have added value elsewhere.

We call this SMARTCYCLING, because we want to handle all raw material flows in a smart way. Not only through reuse (recycling), or by giving things a second life (up-cycling), but also by looking at how some circles can be made smaller (conscious consumption) and other circles can be broken into an upward spiral ( e.g. with mulching and bokashi).

The raw materials court contains containers for sorting and depositing the various different types of raw materials (formerly 'waste').

Read more about the possibilities for collecting and depositing raw materials here.