TV connection

Ons Buiten is equipped with high quality TV and WiFi signal. This can result in the television stations having to be reset.

  • Under "settings" or "installation" you can have the channels searched and saved automatically.
  • in the case of a more modern television with a built-in "digital tuner": let the television search digitally via the so-called digital "Free To Air" (FTA) stations (for this, settings have to be changed depending on the brand).  
  • select "digital only" search, select "network" other, enter 402,000 Mhz for "frequency" and ID 9002 (or 09002) for network and then "automatic search" or "automatic save".
  • If the television is set digitally on channel 1 the Campingpark Ons Buiten info channel and on channels 2 to 4 there are 3 extra German channels which are not in the FTA package.