Buzzing colleagues

31 augustus 2019

Since 2018, we have several beehives standing at the animal enclosure. My name is Maggy and I'm the beekeeper at Ons Buiten. From spring to the autumn, I check these beehives every week. I monitor the hives to make sure that the bees are healthy, don't go swarming, and that they have enough food. I'm passionate about bees because they are so important to all life. They pollinate plants so we, people, can enjoy fresh fruits and vegetables. Ons Buiten, with all its beautiful flowers, is a feast for bees and that's why I chose this wonderful spot for my hives. I'm happy that my bees can support the goal of Ons Buiten to increase biodiversity at the park. 

Beekeeper Maggy presents

Every time I check the beehives, I meet new guests. I really appreciate it when people ask questions and I'm more than happy to answer them and explain what I'm doing. So when you bump into me at Ons Buiten, don’t be shy! Starting this camping season, in 2020, I will regularly offer presentations about bees, the work of a beekeeper, the checks, and what it's like to work with bee colonies. The activity calendar, under the heading ‘at the park’, will tell you when the next ‘Beekeeper Maggy presents’ will be.


Each year, bees try to reproduce by swarming. When this happens, half the bee colony leaves the beehive to find a new home. It's quite spectacular to see this happening as there are suddenly so many bees flying around. Most beekeepers try to stop this process through certain techniques and by monitoring the colony well. It's great to see that the area of Oostkapelle now has the most beehives in Walcheren. Maybe you’ve already seen some more hives when you were exploring the area? You may come across a swarm at Ons Buiten. These bees can be mine, but they can also belong to another beekeeper. My advice: don't panic, don't go near them, and let me or one of my colleagues at Ons Buiten know so I can remove the bees. 

Hope to see you at Ons Buiten,

Beekeeper Maggy