The blue container

28 oktober 2019

Ons Buiten's Green Team regularly meets to discuss our sustainability goals. What goes well? What can be improved? How can we make Ons Buiten more sustainable? What we would like most, is to reduce our waste to zero. Because this is only a dream for now, we focus on compostable disposables, stop offering welcome packages in the rental accommodation, and use shampoo dispensers instead of small bottles in the outdoor suites. All deliberate actions based on our conviction that we need to help create a better world and that every action counts! This is also why we now have a blue container at the waste collection facility. 

Waste recycling

Because people still produce quite a lot of waste, we want to show that, instead of throwing things away, you could choose to give them a second life. So don't just throw everything straight into the bin but think about how items can be reused! Glass jars, PET bottles, caps, old clothes and fabric, wool.... you name it, they are not just potentially great materials that can be used by THE ART GANG, THE MANUAL WORK TEAM or THE GREEN FINGERS at Ons Buiten. Or maybe you can think of a way of reusing something instead of buying a new one. Perhaps you can see the empty jar of apple sauce as a great new tea light lantern that enhances the atmosphere outside your tent at night. Or an old sock that is turned into your child's favourite cuddly toy after some loving sewing work... Get some empty cans, fill pieces of fabric with sand.... and you can have an afternoon of bowling that you'll never forget. Be creative! Share it, swap it, take it!

Circular building

Reducing waste is one of our focal points. When it comes to our landscape management, we want to increase our footprint as much as we can. We want to create biomass and biodiversity. It's one of our main goals. When it comes to our infrastructure and buildings, we prefer to keep our footprint small. When looking for contractors for the new-built pool & wellness centre in the winter of 2019/2020, we specifically sought partners with a similar view on sustainability and experience in circular building. The demolition company is going to separate the waste and reuse it as much as possible. These days, there are many more options than just having a sustainable energy policy. We use the bankirai wood from the replaced bollards in the harbour in Veere as wall cladding in the new relax area. Newly bought materials are tested on recyclability. To what extent can we guarantee that materials will not be disposed of as waste but reused? Everything must be registered in a so-called materials passport. We believe in this and take responsibility. 


The blue container as a small measure, the new-builds as a large one; we all make choices as to how far we want to carry sustainability forward. It will be great if we can all inspire one another. Share your blue moment on Instagram and use our hashtag!