The Freedom of outdoor play

26 september 2019

Do whatever you want, without a care in the world

Outdoor playing soon turns into explorations, discoveries and most of all: getting dirty and doing whatever you want, like climbing trees.

By the time the 2020 camping season kicks off, our swimming pool will have been completely revamped into a pool area with a relaxed atmosphere and views of the natural garden. Several activities will still be offered at the pool but during most of the opening hours, you can spend your leisure time here the way you enjoy it. We deliberately chose to create a pool & wellness area instead of a regular swimming pool because we believe in the creative power of every individual and the benefits of a quiet atmosphere. Aqua gym, doing laps, competitive swimming, a relaxation session, floating, mermaid swimming... why don't you surprise us with your creativity? 

But surely this area is not the one dedicated to playing outdoors? That's right, but adjacent to the covered terrace, a large water-mud-sand playground arises where kids can play outdoors to their hearts’ content. Digging gullies, building dams, rolling around in the sand and getting dirty, by themselves or with newly made friends. We know the health benefits of being and playing outdoors; you are much more active and so your mental and physical development improves. Apart from that, friendships are formed (sometimes for life) and self-confidence grows. Motor skills and spatial, depth and speed awareness improve more and more. You sleep better, get a healthier appetite and, maybe best of all, create wonderful memories.

So what if it's cold or rainy? 

The water-mud-sand playground arises right next to our covered garden terrace. Your children will stay warm and dry when they are dressed to the elements. And if you don't feel like joining in but you do want to keep an eye on your child, you can relax on the terrace or in a hammock with a book and a cup of coffee. 

Upside-down willow

Over the years, a natural playground with several play incentives has been created in the garden of Ons Buiten. We see kids playing in the outdoor kitchen for hours, making mud soup or building huts. There is so much scope for creativity in whatever way kids want to play. The smaller playgrounds scattered around the park were already given a natural make-over. What about the three upside-down willows? Is it a rocket, a house, a ship... or just a great climbing tree? You decide!