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Jan once started as a holiday worker at ONS BUITEN. Years later he returned as a permanent employee at the technical service, where he worked for more than twenty-five years. Jan always enjoyed going to work. "ONS BUITEN is a fantastic company to work for. Always on the move and your input is appreciated."

Jan found the part in the orchard the most beautiful place on the campsite. "This really exudes the atmosphere of the past." Jan secretly wanted to go back to basics. "When camping was really camping."

For water and gas technical repairs, he did not turn his hand around with the 15 years of plumbing and installer experience prior to his working time at ONS BUITEN. "But I also enjoy painting just as much." He was at home in all markets.

Ancient towns
In the vicinity of ONS BUITEN are beautiful, old towns such as Middelburg, Veere, Zierikzee, or Bruges a little further away. "Good to drive by car or even by bike!" Jan therefore always advised the guests to view it.

"Enjoy life and get the most out of it."

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