Landscaping & Technical Services

‘Life is like a meandering river, it's always moving and every day is new and different.’

Jorn joined our team in June 2015. He is one of the driving forces behind Ons Buiten's positive footprint. He also assists the Technical Services and, at some nights, he is the host at Ons Buiten. For Jorn, working at Ons Buiten actually became a hobby that got a bit out of control as he initially worked in the healthcare sector.

Thinking beyond tomorrow

Jorn is perfectly happy when he can be outdoors and work on making Ons Buiten more beautiful, greener than it already is in a way that it can last for years. ‘I think beyond tomorrow and like to make sure that a plan becomes reality and that people can see our vision.’ Jorn is very much taken with the old orchard, but the garden is his absolute favourite. He contributes massively to the realisation and maintenance of the partly edible garden, the green heart of Ons Buiten. ‘It's a place where everyone can be themselves and just enjoy it.’ 

Go out and explore

Jorn likes to be busy and do different things, so his tip for the guests is to explore the surrounding area and take in the wonderful things that Zeeland has to offer. ‘When you spend a day at the park, you can always come to me with questions about the (green) facilities. I'm happy to explain everything you can find at our park.’

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