Nature development site that offers more and more space for biodiversity. Trees, shrubs, plants, herbs, animals, birds and insects create a perfect balance of rest, inspiration and growth. Here children can go about their business freely and safely. Climbing & clambering on the play hill, making witch's soup in the mud garden, zipping down the cable car, romping on the large play cushion. There are (safe) play directions throughout the site that promote their own creativity.

Garden terrace

Partly covered outdoor lounge with a view of the various play facilities for children. With space between self-service and hospitality, terrace service is offered here depending on the occupation and it is also possible to enjoy your own drinks here.

Water-Mud Playground


Greenhouse where the green management team led by landscape architect Jos Willemsen has a place to grow and do research. Conscious studies into how we can promote biodiversity, enrich soil life and increase our impact.