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Campingpark Ons Buiten is een familiecamping die bekend staat om zijn kindvriendelijkheid en rustige uitstraling. Op ons campingpark verblijven veelal gezinnen met jonge kinderen of ouderen die voor de rust komen. Uit onze ervaring is gebleken dat groepen onze andere gasten vaak overstemmen. Wij kunnen niet altijd voldoen aan het verzoek van groepen.

Yes and no. As part of the RUST RUIMTE there is an indoor swimming pool, which we deliberately call pool. This is because it is only intended for relaxed exercises, such as swimming laps and light recreation and games (so no inflatables and bombings).

During the opening hours of the WELLNESS, the pool is used as a plunge pool.

Please note: the temperature of the pool is therefore lower than that of an average indoor swimming pool and/or swimming paradise.

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The WELLNESS & POOL are part of the RUST RUIMTE, and therefore only accessible to guests of ONS BUITEN. For access one, therefore, needs a wristband, which can be received at check-in.

Nein, nicht mit US OUTSIDE. Natürlich sind nicht alle Jugendlichen gleich und wir wollen nicht alle Jugendlichen in einen Topf werfen. Trotzdem haben wir uns entschieden, Jugendliche, die ohne Erwachsene in den Urlaub fahren möchten, an einen unserer Mitparks zu verweisen. Wir gehen davon aus, dass ihre Urlaubswünsche dort besser erfüllt werden.

Ruhe und Weite sind wichtige Bestandteile unseres Angebots auf unserem Naturentwicklungsplatz. Vor allem abends und nachts.

Der Hauptbucher einer Unterkunft oder eines Campingplatzes muss daher mindestens 21 Jahre alt sein. Darüber hinaus behalten wir uns vor, im Zweifelsfall nach Sinn und Zweck der Ferienunterkunft zu fragen.

Wir tun dies, um weiterhin ein optimales Campingerlebnis für alle Besucher zu gewährleisten. Ganz nach unserem Motto: „Leben im Rhythmus der Natur“.

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ONS BUITEN focuses on the further development of the natural environment and biodiversity. The presence of (odors of) pets could have a disruptive effect on this. That is why dogs and other pets are unfortunately not allowed on the entire site, in the facilities, and in the accommodations of ONS BUITEN,.

This also applies to dogs and pets of any visitors. We do this to make room for the (often fragile) natural environment. For example, deer, rabbits, and special birds regularly visit us.

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It is of course always possible to cancel a booking, but bear in mind the costs involved.

ONS BUITEN uses the regular HISWA RECRON cancellation conditions for this:

- more than 3 months before the reserved date 15% of the rent
- within 3 to 2 months before reserved date 50% of the rent
- within 2 to 1 month before reserved date 75% of the rent
- within 1 month before the reserved date 90% of the rent
- on the day of the reserved date 100% of the rent


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Ja dit is mogelijk, mits je de veiligheidseisen in acht neemt.

Bonfires of any kind are not allowed at ONS BUITEN. Also not in fire pits, on fire bowls, nor in outdoor fireplaces. Due to the risk of wildfires and the burden on the environment. 

The installation of a (children's) swimming pool is expressly not permitted on the entire site of ONS BUITEN for reasons of safety and sustainability. In the water/mud playground and the nearby recreation areas there are opportunities to cool off even for small children.

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Yes, there are charging stations at ONS BUITEN for electric cars. Check the map for the location.

With the AgriSnellaad app it is possible to safely and easily start, interrupt or close the charging session. The current price information is also clearly displayed in the app. Payment is then done in the app through iDEAL, credit card or PayPal.

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winter camping

Yes, even in winter the WELLNESS & POOL are included in the stay. So it can be used for free. Please note: the opening hours and routings are adapted to the rhythm of the season.

Read more about it here.

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Especially in the winter months, it is important to pay attention to where you place vehicles. Stay on the (semi) paved surfaces to prevent the tires from sinking into the wet ground.

If there are any doubts about the suitable placement, feel free to ask one of our employees for help.

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Yes, regional bus number 52 goes directly from Middelburg to Oostkapelle. Consult www.ns.nl and www.9292.nl for the current departure times. The nearest bus stop from ONS BUITEN is bus stop Dorp in Oostkapelle, approximately 1 minute walk away.

Just the name on which the reservation is stated and/or a reservation number will be enough to check-in. It is useful to have the personal link to your 'MIJN ONS BUITEN' at hand. With this, you can also easily register for activities, rent a bicycle or book extra services.

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Sure, bringing a trailer is no problem. Please report this to the reception in advance, the ONS BUITEN team will temporarily store the trailer at the shed after use.

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It is of course always possible that you arrive late in the evening. No problem! When the reception is closed, you can reach one of our employees via the intercom. This hangs right next to the front door of the INNER SPACE.

If you expect to arrive after 8 pm, we would appreciate it if you let us know in advance. This can already be done when booking the reservation or by telephone before arrival. That way we can more easily take into account your arrival.

After 22.30 it is no longer possible to check in. The intercom is then only available for emergencies and the barrier is only accessible for emergency services.

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From 15:00h. (3 pm) you are welcome to check in at the reception in the BINNEN RUIMTE. You will immediately get all the information you need here. If you come earlier, feel free to take a seat inside or on the terrace for a cup of coffee, a bagel or something soft.

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Yes, day visitors are of course welcome at ONS BUITEN free of charge. But please report it to the reception in the BINNEN RUIMTE. Then we can take it into account in connection with overall safety and tranquility.

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Visitors can park on the site directly opposite the entrance and exit of the ONS BUITEN. Charging points for electric cars are also available here.

Cars can park in front of the barrier for a maximum of 15 minutes on the site. For example, for picking up/dropping off guests. Please note that at busy times it is sometimes difficult to turn / reverse.

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Check-in is possible from 2pm.

Check-out normally is no later than 11:30 AM.

Family and/or friends are of course welcome to visit and possibly stay overnight. In that case, we'd like to ask you to report it in advance at the reception. There is a visitor rate of € 6,50 plus € 1,35 tourist Tax p.p.p.n..


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In general, two side tents of a maximum of 6m2 are allowed.

However, this does not apply to a CAMPERPLAATS BASIS. A maximum of 1 additional tent may be placed at a CAMPER/CARAVANPLAATS.

The options are listed in the individual descriptions of each type of accommodation.

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Root cloth/groundsheet is allowed under the tent. Only carpet cloth is allowed outside the awning (under the awning). If in doubt, feel free to ask someone from the green development team, or in the BINNEN RUIMTE.

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In the booking overview, it is clearly indicated per type which camping equipment is permitted. There are different pitches for different camping purposes. Please keep that in mind when booking. In case of doubt, it is always possible to contact reception. They help you find the most suitable place.

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Yes, in good weather this is generally allowed. If in doubt, please contact the reception.


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It is allowed to stay with a maximum of 8 people per camping pitch. Please note that there is a policy regarding groups. Read more about it at the top of this page, or ask at the reception.


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Use of showers and bath is unlimited in all WASRUIMTEN and without the use of tokens. However, we do assume that everyone takes their own responsibility with regard to the conscious consumption of water and energy.

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In some of our WASRUIMTEN there is a public fridge for your convenience (at own risk). Please note that these refrigerators do not have a freezer compartment.

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Yes, this is regular tap water and therefore safe to drink.

(Modified) cars are not accepted as camping equipment. (With the exception of a TESLA with camping function). 

Motorhomes, caravans, camper vans, folding vans and tents are considered camping equipment. 

No, this is not permitted. A maximum of one main camping pitch is permitted per pitch. 

No, this is not allowed. Because of the atmosphere on the grounds, unoccupied camping equipment is not allowed. 


The check-out time is at 10:00 AM. A day before departure you will receive an email with a reminder, useful information and the overall checkout procedure.


Sure, of course, you are welcome with us. Depending on your personal ADL level, there are several options. For example, there are two HOUSES with wheelchair-accessible bathrooms at ONS BUITEN and there is also a bathroom for people with different abilities in WASRUIMTE OOST.

Ask the reception / booking service for the most suitable option for your situation.

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Friends and family are of course welcome. Register them in advance at the reception in the INDOOR SPACE, so we can keep a better overview of peace and safety for everyone. Take into account the tourist tax of €2.05 p.p.p.n.

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The final cleaning is included in the booking and therefore does not have to be booked extra. If you need extra help with cleaning up and/or leaving your accommodation tidy, this is possible in consultation.

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The deposit that you pay for an extra key, among other things, will be refunded to the account number known to us after a few days after return and inspection, but in any case within two weeks.

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The accommodation is professionally cleaned after each stay. This means that, according to an accurately drawn up system, the room is prepared for the next guests by employees of a recognized company with extra hygienic, probiotic products. This cleaning is included in the rent.

It is important for the cleaning professionals that they can carry out their work unhindered. That is why it is customary for guests to leave their accommodation tidy. Like:

- an empty dishwasher;
- an empty refrigerator;
- empty trash cans (waste separation at the GRONDSTOFHOF)
- a swept floor;
- collected beds;
- environment checked for litter;
- take all personal belongings with you (for example, also check under the bed and between the couch).

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