‘Life is not a bed of roses until you plant roses all around your garden and you lay down between them at night.’ 

Joel was born in Haarlem but moved to Zeeland shortly after. As part of Ons Buiten's landscape team, he is responsible for making the park a more natural environment. Joel takes care of the landscaping and maintenance of biodiverse borders and the natural play features. He can fully use his knowledge obtained during his Ecology studies in Arnhem, something he never expected to do. 

‘I came to Ons Buiten for the realisation of the edible garden in February 2018. That's also when I first collaborated with Jos. Today, I work on different projects, either alone or together with Jos. All projects are focussed on natural wealth, edible plants, man and well-being, and ecological progress. 

Needless to say that Joel is a big fan of the garden and loves the diversity in flowering and usable plants. ‘It looks amazing, it offers peace and tranquillity, and so many of its plants and fruits are edible. All the many flowers, seeds, berries, birds, and insects create this harmonious atmosphere and environment.’ 

An observing eye and lots of energy

Joel aims to realise a flourishing world. He likes nothing better than to transform a dreary hedge into an incredibly biodiverse and indigenous piece of woodland. Joel believes that by integrating nature at the park, people consciously and subconsciously find a deeper connection with the origins of life. This is how they can experience the wealth, tranquillity and joy that nature can offer.

Let your mood guide you

‘I advise everyone to walk around the campsite area all by yourself. Open your senses and let your mood guide you! Explore everything around you!’

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