Landscape architect

‘From protecting varieties to creating ever more life. And from dealing with shortages to creating an abundance of nature.’

Jos joined Ons Buiten in 2012. He started out with the garden designs near the Outdoor Chalets and the developments have been crystallising and expanding further ever since. Jos mostly enjoys developing abundant landscapes.

Giving life the ability to create ever more life!

Jos believes this to be an improved and more fun version of sustainability. ‘Enabling plants and animals to enrich soils, produce lots of food, and let them reproduce more and more.’ This is what Jos likes to call ‘creatability’ With TEAMING WITH LIFE, Jos shares his knowledge and offers scope to develop skills and have fun. For Ons Buiten, Jos designed the planting and the gardens with the main purpose to increase all the natural wealth: a wealth when it comes to food production and a wealth in biodiversity.

Moment of happiness

There is, however, something that interests Jos most. ‘When it comes to enriching ecosystems, every plant and animal has its own unique talent, a specific function in the web of creation that is called life.’ Jos finds it hugely inspiring to find these talents, identify them and then use them accordingly. He is getting better and better in finding collaborations with other types of plants and animals and make landscapes vital and increasingly richer. 

Jos is very happy when he can see that ecosystems are no longer regressing but, instead, enrich themselves. The same goes when they get the chance to become more fertile, more productive, as well as more biodiverse. Jos feels a moment of true happiness when he sees that our actions have really contributed to this enrichment.

Great discovery

In 2014, Jos planted fennel and cardoon at Ons Buiten for the first time. He did this without any other reason than their aesthetic value and because they're edible, not knowing the amazing qualities of these plants. Now that he has seen their talents, he also knows that fennel and cardoon are really good at absorbing water vapour from the atmosphere when it's dry, which they store in their roots. He also knows that their tap roots can perfectly grow deep into the hardened soil and that these deep and moist roots help young tree roots to grow and get strong. He had already introduced these very useful plants at Ons Buiten without knowing this. ‘We now plant lots of fennel and cardoon, and more will follow'.

Jos’ advice: ‘Go out, enjoy yourself and relax on the grass. And don't forget to taste the delicious fruits!’

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