Max & Ruby

soil optimization

Brother and sister Max & Ruby joined the team at ONS BUITEN in May 2016. They were only three months old at the time. The first two years were spent in the permaculture testing ground, right next to the former home of owners Gabriel and Dagmar. The purpose of their stay was to contribute to biodiversity and soil improvement. It soon became apparent that their contribution was enormous, so in June 2018 Max & Ruby moved to the animal meadow.

They now have a nomadic existence, which means that they always inhabit and work different areas at ONS BUITEN. This is also appropriate for the natural behavior of pigs.

Important: Ruby & Max are fed special food and may therefore not be fed with, for example, potato peelings. If you still enjoy feeding them, let an employee know. Then we invite you to help when they get their own food.

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