Our pool is a pool with a view to the outside. The pool is 1.40m deep, 12m long and 5m wide. During the season the pool is accessible from 8.00 - 21.00 for guests which are staying at Ons Buiten. At the moment, time slots are used and it is mandatory to register via MY ONSBUITEN (via the reservation or welcome email).


  • restricted access (time slots)
  • booking via MY ONSBUITEN from one day in advance
  • put on your swimwear in advance
  • disinfect your hands on entry
  • follow the walking routes
  • wear a mask in the building, outside the pool
  • follow the instructions of the Ons Buiten team

Showers and lockers are closed. Shoes and jackets are placed in special boxes. Register once a day maximum per person for 'track swimming'. 'Recreational swimming' is not allowed.