9.00 - 12.00 am & 13.00 - 16.30 pm
POOL is open for active and recreational swimming. Swimwear required. The WELLNESS is then closed.

17.00 - 22.00 pm
WELLNESS & POOL open jointly. Swimwear will therefore not be allowed in the entire area (including in the pool area).

Please note: winter times apply from October 16, see the winter page.

Access only with a wristband (exclusively for overnight guests), available in the BINNEN RUIMTE. Wearing swimwear is not allowed here for hygienic reasons; a bathrobe or a bath towel is recommended in the quiet areas.


(Very) dry air of about 85 degrees Celsius, so you can tolerate the heat well. Good for joints, relieves stored tension in muscles, boosts the immune system.


A temperature of 47 degrees Celsius combined with a high humidity. With natural eucalyptus. Good for respiratory system, skin, detox, and relaxation.


This cabin will be available soon. A salt treatment, also called Halotherapy, works on the basis of the ionizing effect of salt. Especially beneficial for the respiratory tract and skin and effective against a number of ailments and conditions.


Warm cabin with a varying mix of herbal therapies based on natural oils and infusions with herbal mixes from the own picking garden.


Lounge sofas with a view of the picking garden invite you to relax. Feel free to bring your own reading or literature.


In the adjacent wellness garden there are herbs to pick for a freshly brewed herbal tea.