Our Home Base!

Oostkapelle Or in the local Zeeland dialect: Oôskappel!

During the day, you can enjoy the famous Zeeland light and, at night, you're in the darkest place in Zeeland! On clear nights, you can count about 2000 stars and even see the Milky Way. Oostkapelle is a green seaside village with a rich history and beautiful nature. 

  • 5 kilometres of clean and wide beaches and dunes
  • nature reserves the Manteling of Walcheren and Oranjezon
  • the quaint village centre with its striking 49 metres’ high church
  • Westhove Castle with Nature Museum Terra Maris
  • vast landscape with historic farmhouses
  • many country estates

Tranquillity, silence and fun, seclusion and vastness, they are all at walking or cycling distance from each other. Feel welcomed in the (remains) of gardens and parks of country estates and enjoy the unique animals, plants, and monumental trees. Don't be surprised if you see a fallow deer or a roe deer. Let Oostkapelle inspire you like it inspired Mondriaan, Toorop and other painters when they resided in nearby Domburg.

The fresh, healthy sea air and green environment in and around Oostkapelle will stimulate you to go outdoors and do some sort of sport or activity. Running, horse riding, walking and cycling. Climb the church tower or follow one of the four LandGoed walking trails! Oostkapelle organises activities and events throughout the year and has a wide array of shops and restaurants, especially in the village centre.

The centre of Oostkapelle is just a 3 minutes’ walk from Ons Buiten.

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