Zeeland nature that inspires

'Outdoor Inspiration' was founded in 2004 by Guido Krijger to learn from Zeeland nature and experience nature out of passion. With a diverse range of outdoor activities, there is room for people in nature, and room for nature in people.

Sea kayaking
Beautiful sea kayaking trips on the Veerse Meer, the Oosterschelde, the Western Scheldt and the North Sea (from 14 years). From an introductory course to visiting a sandbank by sea kayak or taking a seal safari. The activities and tours are always tailored to the skills of the participant. Can also be discussed 'tailor-made'!

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Various breathing techniques and applications. Breathing sessions and breathing journeys for transformation and Breath Coaching. Regular breathing circles in the WELLNESS of ONS BUITEN, and complete courses or individual coaching on request.

Learn more: Outdoor Inspiration.

Winter sea bath
In winter, the cold sea can teach you how to get a grip on, among other things, stress and relaxation, 'taming' the brain and how gentle power can change life. A winter sea bath course is a treat for mind and body. In addition to the calendar, customization is also possible.

More information: Outdoor Inspiration.

Seaweed safari
Together with his girlfriend Ellen, Guido cuts seaweed from the Oosterschelde once a week, which is still on someone's plate the same week. They also provide very fun, original seaweed workshops at Neeltje Jans. For example, the Seaweed Walk, where you get to know seaweed in its own habitat. You get to know, feel and even taste species.

For more information, visit WildWier.

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