“Come outside and let nature inspire you”

Guido Krijger launched ‘Outdoor Inspiration’ in 2004. It's an event that not only allows him to live his passion but also to share his inspiration and experiences. Nature is the main theme in Guido's life, meaning playing, romping around and going on adventures. Activities offered by Guido include a seaweed safari and sea kayaking.

Seaweed safari

Guido and his girlfriend go out into the Oosterschelde once a week to cut seaweed which will end up on someone's plate that same week. They also organise fun and original seaweed workshops at Deltapark Neeltje Jans. You can join them on a Wierenwandeling (Weed Walk) where you can learn more about seaweed in its own habitat. You will recognise different varieties, feel them and even taste them.  Go to WildWier for more information about Zeeland’s seaweed. 

Sea kayaking

Outdoor Inspiration organises wonderful sea kayaking trips and Guido is well aware of the dangers this may pose. Guido greatly respects the natural elements and is always monitoring the possible risks based on his extensive experience and knowledge about safety in outdoor sports. For young (from the age of 14) and old. The activities and trips are tailored to the participants’ skills. You can always request a quotation for a tailored kayaking trip or course, or you can book an existing course for your own group.

For more information, please go to Outdoor Inspiration.

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