De Manteling

A pretty forest that has a rich cultural history

‘Manteling’ describes the natural protective function against the wind, consisting of woody plants. This nature reserve is also rich in cultural history. At first glance, it looks like an ordinary forest, but there are also several (former) country estates with their parkland forests hidden away. Take Berkenbosch Estate, for example, built in 1644. The original garden design is still entirely visible as a star-shaped forest with radial lanes.

Mondriaan’s Grey Tree

These gardens also include some monumental trees that are hundreds of years old. De Manteling was a source of inspiration for various 20th-century artists. People say that the large yew tree at the Berkenbosch estate can be seen in two paintings by Piet Mondriaan, one of them being ‘The Grey Tree’ painted in 1911.

Artful Oak Forest

The Manteling is where we find one of the few oak forests that border directly onto the sea. The forest was once planted to protect Walcheren against the cold winds coming in from the North Sea. And this shows. Over the years, the oak trees got their unique, artful and twisting shapes.

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