At Molen D'Arke in Oostkapelle you can see how grain is ground. Six different types of grain are made into flour at their mill. The grinding process is actually the same as it was centuries ago. The grain is ground between (basaltic lava) millstones. In this process, the grains are evenly finely ground. This preserves the germ of the grain, which ensures optimum taste and baking quality.

All the grain is still ground on wind power, there is no engine to drive the stones. Part of the ground flour is sieved to obtain flour .

There are also various types of flour for sale. All with their specific properties and can be used for different purposes. The baking mixes are composed and mixed by the people of Molen D'Arke themselves. The additives, such as yeast, baking powder, fruits and sugars are organic as much as possible.

The mill is also open at other times when the blades are turning.
Flour and baking products are available during opening hours and the mill is in operation as much as possible.

They also provide guided tours for small groups or school classes. It is best to contact the miller for this.

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