The realised measures after the North Sea flood of 1953

The Delta Works are the realised constructional measures taken after the North Sea flood in 1953. But they consist of more water defence structures than just the Oosterschelde surge barrier. The coastline of Zeeland is also protected by the Haringvliet Dam, the Grevelingen Dam, and the Brouwers Dam. These dams interconnect the islands, making Zeeland much better accessible than in the old days. The Zeeland Bridge and the Westerschelde Tunnel have also increased the province's accessibility.

Source: Deltawerken, VVV Zeeland.

Oosterschelde Storm Surge Barrier

The barrier is often called the eighth wonder of the modern world. With its length of 3 kilometres and 65 piles, it is by far the most impressive and important element of the Delta Works. A unique nature reserve would have been lost forever if the engineers hadn't come up with an ingenious design, and so the dam was given sluice gates. They are only closed in heavy storms or spring tides.

Veerse Gatdam

The Veerse Gat Dam is 2.8 km long and connects Walcheren with Noord-Beveland. Because the dam is so well-integrated into the landscape, you can only see that you're on a dam, with water on both sides, when you walk or cycle across. The Veerse Gat Dam is the third construction of the total of 13 Delta Works and closes off Lake Veere together with the Zandkreek Dam. Both dams protect the coastline of Zeeland against the bombarding sea.

Source: Veerse Gatdam, VVV Zeeland:

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