The oldest seaside resort this province knows

Domburg is not just Zeeland's oldest seaside resort, it's also a well-known destination for surfers in the Netherlands. Tourism kicked off in 1834, but Domburg got its town charter already in 1223. Today, tourism in Domburg is an interesting mix of tourists who like a bit of luxury and cheerful surfers. The lively town centre has sociable cafés and terraces, restaurants, and exclusive shops. Domburg hosts many annual cultural events, from a jazz festival to a painting week.

One of the best surfing spots in the Netherlands
Domburg is one of the best wave surfing spots in the Netherlands. When you walk along the dune path on a good surfing day, you can see a full line-up with professional surfers doing their tricks. You can also rent a board yourself or take lessons with the local surf school. They offer lessons for everyone, young and old. They don't just teach you how to surf, but also the safety and surfing rules that apply in the water across the world. 

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