Quirky beach cabins and impressive sunsets

The beaches of Oostkapelle are known for their quirky beach cabins, the huge amount of space, and its unique position to admire impressive sunsets. The seawater is of excellent quality and the beaches are daily cleaned during the summer holiday season.

Local beach guards keep an eye on the bathers. They also have a First Aid post, facilities for disabled persons, parasols and windscreens for rent, and enough bins to keep the beach clean.

Whether you're taking a long walk along the beach or topping up your tan, getting a drink and a bite to eat at Zeecafé is a must. It's one of the locals’ favourite beach pavilions. Sit down and relax with your feet in the sand. Owner Adriaan started his career as a chicken farmer, but his salty Zeeland blood could not be resisted. He first opened a kind of ‘sea container with a fridge’ on the beach. And that's basically what Zeecafé still is.

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